Miltoncross Academy Milton Road, Milton, Portsmouth, PO3 6RB

At Milton Road, Milton, Portsmouth, Miltoncross Academy is up and ready for your events of all scopes and sizes!

We pride ourselves on the diversity and unique flexibility of our halls and facilities. Just a few examples, we can accommodate a Spanish learning class with our classrooms just as easily as we could take basketball bookings in our gymnasium. Contact Us today to make your bookings!


We are happy to announce we will be reopen for lettings.

Please be aware that this will be in a reduced capacity following the current social distancing guidelines. Our site staff and hirers health and safety is our upmost priority

For those wishing to book at this venue for the very first time, please submit an enquiry via our Contact Us page where it will be logged and we will get back to you when we are in a position to do so.
Thank you for your continued patience at these difficult times.