Facilities for hire at Miltoncross Academy, Portsmouth

What's On


Insanity Fitness Club

'Are you ready to take part in the world renowned, most intense group exercise class?

Have you ever actually been pushed to your limits in an exercise class with real motivation to keep going?


Tae Kwon-Do Classes

Every Thursday 7-8pm
Lessons for children & adults, all levels


Pompey in the Community

We have been coaching children aged 3-14 years old for over 20 years and continue to offer professional coaching at all levels.


Fitness Star!

Maria at Fitness Star runs Pilates & Zumba Classes for all


New Fitness League Class

Exercise to music
Fun, Friendly, low impact class
New class all welcome.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) utilises the concepts of science and leverage in order to enable a smaller person to physically overcome a larger person by using technique and the persons energy against them. Similar to Judo and wrestling in nature it has a heavy focus on ground fighting and uses takedowns, throws pins, chokes and joint lock submissions in order to control and subdue an opponent into acquiescence.

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